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Journal Entry: Mon Feb 3, 2014, 4:01 PM
All projects are on Hiatus until further notice. If anyone would like to assist in editing, writing, voice acting, etc, contact me through here and possibly Skype. But for now, signing off.


Journal Entry: Mon Dec 30, 2013, 4:51 PM
1.Who is your crush?
2.What is the most embarrassing that has ever happened to you?
3.What is your favorite song?
4.Why did you make a page here? 
5.What is the weirdest comment you read on YouTube? 
6.What is the funniest or scariest movie you saw 
7.What scares you the most 

1. Rainbow Dash
2. Pooping in the shower.
3. Love is in Bloom
4. FIMFiction doesn't believe in third times the charm.
5. ...I can't remember.
6. Freddy vs Jason
7. Reality, knowing no ponies exist in it. I will find a way out of here to Equestria.

No time to write them all, so...

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 6, 2013, 11:53 AM
I have loads of ideas. I've made some clear in under the username gt. I've also shared some here. I'd like to open an idea sharing program. I make an idea. You can write it if you so wish. 
There are a few exceptions to this:
-Green's Adventures DX or anything starring Green, my OC.
-Pokemon B2W2
-Doctor Whooves(Coming Soon)
-MPT4K(Coming Soon)
I will add more exceptions as I find them. All other story ideas are available, for now, as long as you mention me in the credits, description, etc.

Scootaloo and the Wing Surgery
Having been told her wings, as of now, were difficult for flight, Scootaloo decided to have wing surgery. This procedure, in it of itself was risky, but while under anesthesia, a certain pegasus' wing donation was able to make said process safer for the filly. Scootaloo soon learns the weight of risks, the sacrifice of apengedes and the generosity of heroes.

Mystery Pony Theater 4000

Journal Entry: Thu Sep 19, 2013, 2:59 PM
The project, if you've been following my journals, is Mystery Pony Theater 4000. 
Like before, I'll be providing Green and Crow T. Robots voices. I'll need a reliable Rainbow Dash and Tom Servo voice every episode. Some guest voices like a narrator, other ponies (Main 6, Spike, Big Mac, CMC, Caramel, Celestia, Discord, etc), Mario characters and Sonic characters. BTW I'll also these voice actors to help me script, small animations in front of video for later episodes and more since, let's be honest, it's never fun alone. Yes, I'd like this project to be fun. Also, if this project goes well, many opportunities for future projects of mine may also occur. 

The story and relation to MST3K will be explained once on the staff. As for what we will riff on, let's say I have some ideas.

-Skype account to be reached at easily.
-expendable schedule 
-people skills are recommended, but not required(that and previous experience is appreciated).

Even if you yourself don't have any of these, but know someone who does, please tell them about this. I'm desperate here. 

You can reach me at bobby.waldman for Skype. If I'm not there, at least leave me a text message.

I really hope to at least meet a few people to help me. If you're out there, please help me make this project fun for everyone involved. I just want people to laugh and have fun like MST3K before it.


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